Inspecting A Storage Unit Before You Choose To Rent It: Helpful Tips

Posted on: 29 April 2019

When you are looking for a storage unit, you may look at size, location, security, and cost. You rarely look at the unit with other ideas in mind, like the condition of the unit, or really inspect the unit before you rent it. Here are some tips to do just that. 

Look for Signs of Moisture or Leaks

You are looking to store your stuff safely and out of the way of water, which could destroy a lot of what you own. It helps to ask to see the unit on a rainy day, when any leaks from the roof or ceiling would be apparent in available units and any moisture seeping in at the foundation would be obvious on the floors of the storage units. Sometimes proprietors themselves do not even know that one or more of their units have these issues, so if they are discovered during the viewing of the units, the proprietor can fix this situation prior to renting the affected units. 

Look for Signs of Pests

Most storage facilities do an excellent job at preventing and removing pests. However, there may still be one or two facilities that have a problem. Most pests, such as rats, mice, and roaches, tend to stay out of sight, but they do leave signs that they have been there. Look for rodent feces or drops/small puddles of rodent urine. As for the roaches, look for bits of molted shell/carapaces in corners and under the edges of a storage unit. Spiders will leave behind webs and their empty hulls after death, and bees and wasps will leave hives or nests on corners and in walls. If you see any of these, point them out to the person showing you the available units. 

Look for Residues Coming from Neighboring Units

Sometimes the trouble with building a multitude of storage units side by side is that someone does not follow the "no liquids and perishables" rule. Residues leak from liquids and perishables, and end up slowly leaking under the edges of the storage unit walls. If there is a sign of residues, oily, watery, or otherwise, coming from a unit next to the one you are considering renting, you may want to consider a different unit on the same property. Those residues could find their way into your unit, and make quite a mess of anything you currently have sitting on the floor. 

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