The Lesser Known, Highly Important Supplies You Need For Self-Storage

Posted on: 2 October 2020

What supplies do you need to prepare for and use self-storage? Boxes, bins, and bubble wrap are obvious choices. But these aren't the only materials storage requires. Take a look at the lesser-known supplies you need to make the most out of your rental unit.

Wire or Stainless Steel Shelves

While plastic bins, sturdy cardboard boxes, furniture, and over-sized items can sit on the floor, smaller containers and lighter or fragile belongings may need shelving. Carefully select the shelving materials. If your storage unit isn't climate controlled, avoid wood or anything else that may easily warp in temperature extremes or under damp conditions.

Along with the material, select a sturdy unit that won't easily buckle over time. The shelves should stand straight and stay in place for weeks, months, or even years of storage.

Tarps or Painter's Drop Cloths

Even though your storage unit is sealed, exposed items can still gather dust. You don't need to invest in pricey furniture covers, quilts, or other similar storage/moving products. An inexpensive tarp or painter's drop cloth will cover larger or awkwardly-sized items easily, protecting them from dust, debris, and potential damage.

If you want to save money and reuse items you already have at home, upcycle old bedsheets. Drape a flat sheet across your sofa, table, dresser, or other for-storage piece of furniture. Fitted sheets are perfect alternatives to protect smaller-sized items such as end tables or nightstands.

Cosmetics Caddies

Multi-tiered plastic tackle box-style cosmetics caddies can do more than just store your makeup. Use these small-sized storage boxes to hold anything from jewelry to knick-knacks and home décor accents.

Choose one category for each box, such as kitchen accents or craft materials. Wrap potentially breakable or fragile items in soft towels or use bubble wrap. Organize each tier of the box (by category, color, size, or another option), place the wrapped items inside, and close/secure the container. Label each caddie with the category and items inside.

Plastic or Canvas Laundry Baskets and Totes

Store extra linens, towels, clothing, outerwear, soft children's toys, or shoes in a plastic laundry basket or canvas laundry tote. These simple storage solutions are inexpensive, sturdy, and easy to move from space to space — especially if the basket or tote has handles.

If the laundry tote has a closure at the top, you'll need to label the container. Unlike plastic laundry bins, you can't easily see inside a tote. Use a piece of masking tape or adhesive name sticker as your laundry tote's label.

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