Popular Mistakes To Avoid When Using Self-Storage Units

Posted on: 24 November 2021

Self-storage units come in handy when you want to hold your belongings in a safe and secure place away from your home. For instance, you can get a unit when you need to declutter your current home, store your company belongings, or hold some of your belongings during a move. 

While self-storage units are useful, there are some mistakes most people make that affect the optimal use of the space. Knowing these mistakes can assist you in ensuring your goods are kept in good condition and may help you avoid having a stressful experience. Take the following advice, and you will be grateful later on.

Choosing the Wrong Room Size

One mistake most self-storage unit renters make is to pick a small room size in order to save money. Others make this blunder because they don't know how to estimate the right size of unit for their belongings. Getting a small unit when you have lots of items is never a good idea because your belongings will be crammed in a tiny area, and you'll risk damaging them. 

So, if you aren't sure about the size of the unit that works best for you, don't hesitate to inform your service provider. A good company will assist you in picking an ideal unit size based on the number of items and their sizes. You may also use an online calculating tool to get the right room size.

Packing Wet or Damp Items

It's advisable to clean your belongings before packing them for storage. But you are required to ensure the items are dry before you pack or wrap them. A good rule of thumb is to use a dry towel to remove any form of dampness before storing them. 

Also, make sure you get a climate-controlled storage unit if your belongings require humidity and temperature controls to stay in good shape. Get such a unit if you are storing electronic devices, mattresses, wooden furniture, pieces of art, musical instruments, or books.

Placing Items and Boxes Directly on the Floor

When you store items like furniture and appliances directly on the floor, you will risk damaging them. It's better to keep them off the floor using plastic or wooden pallets. Ensure you also leave space from the wall and between one item or box to another. This will promote unrestricted airflow and ensure the items remain dry and mold-free throughout the storage period. Also, remember to use high-quality packaging materials like sturdy bubble wraps to safeguard all fragile items.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for storage units near you.


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