• Buy A Boat In The Off Season? What To Know About Storing It

    If you have purchased a boat in the off-season, and you need to store it for a few months before it is boating weather, there are some things to consider. You want to store it in a place where you know it will be safe, and where the value and condition can be maintained. You don't want the marine craft to get damaged before it hits the water. Here are some tips and options to consider, depending on your budget and what you have access to where you live.
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  • Outdoor Or Indoor Storage Units: Which To Choose?

    Are you planning to move house and wondering where to store your goods as you wait for your next home to be ready? Do you have heavy equipment or machinery and no space to keep it? Rental storage units offer a viable solution to your problem. You can choose between an indoor and an outdoor storage facility.So what's the difference between the two? Indoor facilities are made of several storage units enclosed inside a building, like a warehouse.
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  • How To Properly Store Comic Books

    Comic books can hold a great deal of monetary value, but that value also depends on the condition that individual books are in when they are sold. In order to maintain the condition of your comic books, and thus their sticker price, you need to make sure that your editions are properly stored to prevent any sort of damage occurring while they are sitting idle in a storage unit or your home.
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