Outdoor Or Indoor Storage Units: Which To Choose?

Posted on: 25 March 2018

Are you planning to move house and wondering where to store your goods as you wait for your next home to be ready? Do you have heavy equipment or machinery and no space to keep it? Rental storage units offer a viable solution to your problem. You can choose between an indoor and an outdoor storage facility.So what's the difference between the two?

Indoor facilities are made of several storage units enclosed inside a building, like a warehouse. They are accessed from inside, are normally smaller and can be climate-controlled. They typically provide levels of storage; that is, they go upwards. Indoor storage units are more common in metropolitan areas where space is an issue.

Outdoor storage units are larger and can, therefore, be used to store larger items such as vehicles and machinery. They often consist of a gravel or asphalt floor, a roof, and open walls. They normally have a driveway; which means you can access your individual unit from outside. This article will look at the pros and cons of each type of storage facility.

Indoor Units

Because they are indoors, indoor, climate-controlled storage units protect your goods from weather conditions such as water, heat, humidity, light, and dust. They are often climate-controlled, offering extra protection for your items.

Indoor storage units provide extra security from thieves while protecting your goods from pests and rodents. If you live in an urban area, you will be able to access your items faster and more easily without having to drive out of town. Indoor storage facilities are often equipped with elevators and carts, making it easy to access upper floors, so you don't have to carry heavy items. Indoor storage units are ideal for keeping valuable, sensitive or fragile items such as home electronics, clothing, toys, antiques, art-work, etc.

Outdoor Units

Outdoor storage units typically offer more storage space than indoor units. You also get drive-up access to your individual unit for ease of loading and unloading. Since they are normally located outside metropolitan areas, they tend to be cheaper than indoor spaces. On the downside, outdoor units are vulnerable to weather conditions, pests, and insects. They are ideal for large items such as vehicles, heavy equipment or machinery. You can also use them to store bulky household items such as furniture. 

There are positive and negative sides of both indoor and outdoor storage units. To choose the right storage facility for you, consider size, location, cost, security, and access.


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