• What Types Of Storage Units Are Available?

    Storage units are available in myriad sizes and configurations to meet household and business needs. From small, secure storage lockers to massive, portable units, there is a rentable storage solution for almost every need.  Interior Storage Lockers and Rooms For those requiring extra security at a storage site or who simply prefer the ease of rummaging through items in a contained space, indoor storage units are a great option. They provide the security of keyed entry to the building itself as well as individual locks on smaller storage lockers or larger storage rooms to further minimize the chance of break-ins.
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  • What Items Can't You Store In A Storage Facility? Find Out

    A storage facility is essential when you need extra storage space. You may be moving into a new home, or your house is under renovation, and you need a place to store your items temporarily. When decluttering your space, you can also keep your stuff in a storage unit. However, despite these facilities offering storage solutions for most items, only some are ideal for a storage unit. For instance, high-risk goods susceptible to damage and safety hazards may be unsuitable for a storage unit.
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