What Items Can't You Store In A Storage Facility? Find Out

Posted on: 12 January 2023

A storage facility is essential when you need extra storage space. You may be moving into a new home, or your house is under renovation, and you need a place to store your items temporarily. When decluttering your space, you can also keep your stuff in a storage unit. However, despite these facilities offering storage solutions for most items, only some are ideal for a storage unit. For instance, high-risk goods susceptible to damage and safety hazards may be unsuitable for a storage unit. Therefore, it is imperative to engage a storage provider for advice on the items you can keep in a storage facility. Continue reading to learn what these items are.


Perishable goods like food attract critters once they go bad. And while food items can stay fresh for some time under a climate-controlled unit, they can be susceptible to rotting over time, attracting pests and rodents. Moreover, they can create the perfect breeding spots for mold and mildew if they become wet. Consequently, mold will feed on the food and other organic goods, causing extensive damage. Therefore, ask the storage company beforehand about their policies on the storage of perishable items. Subsequently, they may recommend storing stable food items on certain shelves and tightly sealed containers.

Hazardous Materials

Storage providers typically restrict the storage of hazardous materials like toxic, flammable, combustible, corrosive, and radioactive items. Such materials can explode or cause a chain of reactions, resulting in toxic fumes and other hazardous issues. And since you are liable for the items you keep in a storage facility, you may face fines or penalties for such outcomes. Generally, normal warehousing operations cannot handle hazardous material storage. Therefore, you should liaise with storage experts, and they can suggest the ideal storage facilities for your storage needs.

Weapons and Ammunition

Firearms, military-grade weapons, and other forms of ammunition are also not permissible in storage rentals. Their explosive nature can cause massive destruction if not handled with caution. However, although most facilities do not accept storing weapons, some allow the storage of non-restricted firearms. Nonetheless, you must unload the firearms before storage and render them inoperable through a secure locking device.

Stolen and Illegal Goods

Storage providers do not offer their services on illegal goods. These may include stolen goods, illicit drugs, counterfeit items, and unregistered weapons. Conversely, keeping illegal items in a storage facility could land you in jail for violating the law. In addition, your insurer can invalidate your insurance policy for storing illegal goods.

Every self-storage facility has guidelines and restrictions on restricted items. Therefore, it is always best to engage a storage expert to help you determine the goods you can keep in a storage facility.


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