What Types Of Storage Units Are Available?

Posted on: 23 May 2023

Storage units are available in myriad sizes and configurations to meet household and business needs. From small, secure storage lockers to massive, portable units, there is a rentable storage solution for almost every need. 

Interior Storage Lockers and Rooms

For those requiring extra security at a storage site or who simply prefer the ease of rummaging through items in a contained space, indoor storage units are a great option. They provide the security of keyed entry to the building itself as well as individual locks on smaller storage lockers or larger storage rooms to further minimize the chance of break-ins. A potential downside is access hours may be limited if the building relies on staffing to provide renter access.

An added perk is the addition of temperature control and, potentially, climate control within the unit. When these features are a required amenity, always check in with the facility and ask if the temperature or climate controls are provided on a facility-wide basis or if each unit has the ability to tweak these settings at will. 

All storage facilities maintain a list of prohibited items, such as fuel, motorized vehicles, or illegal substances, and this list of items often increases with indoor storage in order to protect both the unit and the building itself.

Exterior Access Storage Units

Storage unit complexes with exterior access are a common sight near many subdivisions and planned communities to provide overflow storage for families and companies in the neighborhood. Exterior access units are often cheaper to rent than comparably-sized indoor units in the same region and generally provide 24/7 gated or keyed access. Temperature and climate control features are rare with these units, so only select types of items, such as lawn decorations and other impervious items, should be stored long-term in most climates. 

Portable Storage

For house moving, office moving, or regular relocations for job sites, portable storage solutions make it possible to minimize the hassle of packing, moving, and then unpacking. Pods, containers, and some towable trailers can be rented for short-term and long-term storage at a home, and it is easy to coordinate over-the-road transport for relocating and then unpacking at a more sedate pace. Many storage companies specialize in offering these metal storage units and then moving them for households, construction companies, and offices. 

Containers and pods are also frequently used to store household items during remodeling efforts or when a home is temporarily vacated and rented by the owners, and with climate control options, they can meet the needs of most consumers. Contracts can be month-to-month when short-term use is required, and an annual rate can be negotiated when storage needs become long-term.

For more information on storage units, contact a company near you.


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