Security Concerns For Highly Valuable Property

Posted on: 10 September 2017

Do you have a few expensive, antique, or otherwise highly valuable belongings that you can't keep at home? Maybe you're holding onto some family heirlooms, or you're between homes with no way to store everything without a storage unit. You'll need security, and proving the power of that security isn't as easy as seeing a few cameras and security guards in the general area. Here are a few security points to keep in mind as you choose a storage facility for your valuables.

Understanding Security Cameras

Surveillance systems have multiple purposes, and while recording may be the most important part, you can't discount the other features.

As far as recording goes, the cameras need to have decent quality for identification purposes. Times have changed since the grainy cameras of the 1980's and 1990's, but you may still run into a few businesses who refuse to upgrade. Aside from truly struggling as a business, there's no reason not to upgrade to a newer system.

High Definition is now standard, but what does HD really mean? HD is a term used to describe a level of quality, and in the television industry and various industries that have a huge stake in image quality, the lowest quality is 720p.

720p means that the image or video is 1280×720p, length by width. The more pixels in the image, the more detail available. You need to speak with the security facility to figure out if the system records at 720p, and if not, why not? There is a small amount of leeway for companies that want to record as much information as possible with smaller, lower quality videos, and 480p should be the lowest allowed as an excuse.

You need to make sure that the cameras are actually recording as well. It's not good enough to see the cameras or see that the surveillance screens are connected to the cameras; some companies may not turn on their cameras or may not buy extended storage to save money, meaning that the cameras are little more than scarecrows.

This means you need to take note of a specific date and time, then stand in front of the cameras. Ask to see the recordings from that date and time to see if you're in the recordings to prove that the system is working.

Security Guard Policies

Cameras can only do so much, as people can eventually figure out a way to stay out of camera view. Although the most skilled thieves can get around any defenses eventually, your main concern is keeping out most thieves. Security guards can help as an intimidation factor, and can act upon any strange events.

24/7 security is nice, but not necessary. At the very least, make sure that the storage facility has staff on hand during the day and security guards at night. A security duty rotation for day and night is only necessary if crime is especially high in the area.

There isn't much you can do to test the security team aside from making sure they're awake at night, and you should try to test them unless you have permission from the facility and the security company. A test can look too close to a real theft attempt, and you might be putting yourself in danger for something better left to professionals.

Contact a secure self storage facility to discuss security options at length. Click here to find out more.


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