Things You Should Never Forget When Preparing Items For Storage

Posted on: 14 September 2017

Putting some of your possessions in storage can be so freeing. It can help you no longer feel like you're trapped in an episode of "Hoarders," and it can also help you get organized in many aspects of your life. When you are preparing stuff for storage, never forget the following things whether you're storing your things for weeks, months, or even years.

Stop! Don't Forget to Label Every Box

As you are packing up your possessions, think in terms of what it will be like when you go to retrieve your stuff. When you are packing up your possessions, have a notebook handy. Make a list of everything that goes in to each box, then write what you are going to label the box on the top of the page where its contents will be listed. Next, label the box itself.

It's important to label every single box you put in storage. Otherwise, when you go to retrieve your stuff, you'll find that it will take forever to open and close each box as you search for what you want.

Stop! Don't Forget to Put Items You'll Need First in Front

Don't make the mistake of just putting your items in storage in a random way. Otherwise, you'll make things unnecessarily complicated when you want to retrieve something from your storage locker. When you go to load your boxes in the storage area, be sure to put the things that you don't need to access any time soon in the very back. Place things you'll need soon in the front.

According to The New York Times, the most commonly stored item in the United States is furniture. If you are storing furniture that you plan to use someday in the far future, it's okay to put it in the back of the storage unit. However, if you are storing furniture that you will use next month when you move in to a bigger apartment, make sure it is placed in the front of the storage unit.

Stop! Don't Put Anything Fragile in Storage Units That Aren't Climate-Controlled

Whether it's vinyl record albums or a beautiful, decorative candle, delicate items aren't suitable for storage unless you choose climate-controlled storage. When you are preparing to store items, be sure to examine whether a certain item may be fragile in extreme heat or cold, then decide whether it's best to keep it with you or place it in storage.

Finally, keep in mind that you control a lot of the experience when it comes to storing your stuff. If you plan well and store things that you won't need for a while, you can enjoy a clutter-free life while hanging on to sentimental items and other things that you just don't want to part with. Having storage space can free you up to enjoy your possessions without feeling owned by the things you own.

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