Gauging The Quality Of Storage Unit Features

Posted on: 19 September 2017

Many storage facilities have a long list of great features to keep your belongings safe, but what do they all mean? Air conditioning sounds good, but do you actually need it, and how does it affect your stuff? How secure is the secure storage, and are the cameras really working? As you look through different storage unit options and visit specific facilities, keep these inspection points in mind to make sure that the advertisements match up with the real deal.

Surveillance Means More Than Seeing The Cameras

A good surveillance system involves a series of cameras that are recording key points of the business, along with a monitoring station and recording tools. It's not difficult to install a passive surveillance system that can at least record thieves and other less-than-honest people, but some companies cut corners. 

It's something seen in retail stores pretty often; there's a camera and even a security display, but are you sure that the system is actually recording? The image on the monitor could be stock footage, either because the recording system is broken or the company hasn't invested in proper video storage.

If there's no monitor at all, are you sure that the camera is even on. It's better than nothing, but some companies that are strapped for cash may mount non-working or "dummy" cameras to act as deterrents. They're scarecrows, essentially, but if you're paying top dollar for a company advertising a feature, make sure you're getting the real deal.

Pick a specific time and date, then walk in front of the cameras. Go to the business office or front desk of the storage facility and ask to see footage from that specific time frame. If you're nowhere in the video and you're sure that you were in view, you may be dealing with stock footage.

Air Quality Control Options

Are any of your storage facility options promising air conditioning, clean air, or other air control features? Air quality is important for objects that stain easily or have areas that can't be covered without specialized containers, but you need to know how to check the performance.

First, check any filters attached to air quality systems. For air conditioning systems, there will usually be multiple units stationed across sections of the storage facility. This means a search for the air conditioning system attached to your unit, and a close look at the filter.

Air conditioning unit filters are designed to catch certain airborne objects. Dust, pollen, mold, or even vehicle emissions in big cities are target objects, and the filters have specific shapes and gap sizes to match those objects.

Some customers may be tempted to demand strict, dense filters beyond High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) standards. HEPA filters are not efficient, as they would become clogged too quickly and cause higher amounts of stress than necessary for a storage business environment. Storage units are not designed to live in, and many of the objects that HEPA filters are designed to capture are lung irritant concerns.

Stick to filters designed for removing dust or vehicle emissions unless there is a specific, proven, and documented risk for your objects with both air conditioning and any third party air filtration machines you want to bring. Contact a storage facility management team, such as at LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center, to discuss available filtration, security, and to figure out what would be the best mix of features for your belongings. 


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