Studying Abroad? Store Your Stuff Correctly!

Posted on: 20 December 2017

The opportunity to spend a semester or year abroad in college is a wonderful chance at expanding your horizons. At the same time, if you are going to school far from home, you may be wondering what to do with your things. It may not make sense to tote them back to your parent's house only to move them back to your college location in a few months. The following guide can help you store your stuff safely while you are learning in another country.

Choose a climate controlled unit

If you are like most college kids, your most valuable items are likely electronic. This typically includes computers, scanners and printers, and possibly a stereo or entertainment system. These items can be easily damaged in a hot storage unit. To avoid this problem, opt for an indoor climate-controlled unit. These are set at an even mild temperature and usually are also controlled for humidity. Although they might cost a bit more, this is usually offset by the fact most college kids don't require a large unit.

Protect your textiles

Clothing, shoes, and linens can be destroyed by a small amount of moisture or insect pests. Stains can also develop during storage. To protect these items, wash them before storage but avoid fabric softeners, as these sometimes cause discoloration over time. Store in plastic storage tubs with tight fitting lids to ensure nothing damages your clothing and linens while you are away.

File and protect paperwork

If you are like most students, you likely have a collection of notes, papers, textbooks, and study aids you want to hang on to. Pair this with recreational paper items, like novels and magazines, and you will have a lot of paper to protect. Banker's boxes or file boxes work well because they are small enough to carry even when packed with heavy books. Organize your paperwork by subject or class into boxes, then label them well. For added protection, wrap each box in a heavy duty garbage bag to keep moisture and pests away.

Don't store everything

Some things shouldn't be kept in a self storage unit. These items include very important papers, such as tax documents, banking papers, birth certificates, or copies of your passport. Instead, send these to be kept by your parents or another trusted person that will be your point of contact at home while you are abroad. Not only does this assure they are kept safe, it also means your contact person can send you important papers if they are needed, such in the event you lose your passport.

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