3 Tips To Help Keep Your Storage Shed Organized

Posted on: 12 July 2022

A storage shed can easily turn from a convenient way to store your excess belongings, hobby materials, and outdoor tools into a nightmare if you fail to keep this shed organized. After all, digging through mountains of unorganized items is not only time-consuming—it can potentially be dangerous as well. Thankfully, keeping your storage shed organized can be easier than you realize with the three helpful tips below. 

Tip 1: Use Stackable Plastic Storage Bins

Stackable plastic storage bins are great when storing smaller items in your shed. These storage bins allow you to make use of valuable vertical space by allowing you to safely stack them on top of one another. In addition to helping keep your shed organized, these plastic storage bins can also help to prevent your items from being damaged by keeping moisture and pests out of your stored items. 

Tip 2: Use Shelves And Wall Racks 

Shelving units and wall racks can be wonderful tools when trying to organize your storage shed. When it comes to shelving units, you can choose to either build your own wall shelves or simply purchase portable shelving racks. When choosing either of these options, it is important to ensure the shelves you choose offer enough strength to hold the weight of the items you wish to store on them. Once your shelves are in place, storing heavier items on the bottom can help to add stability to the entire unit.

Wall racks are also a great idea if you have multiple gardening tools or other long items that need to be stored. These racks will make it easier to find the exact item you are looking for when you are ready to use it and will prevent you from having a cluttered pile of rakes, shovels, etc. built up in the corner of your shed. 

Tip 3: Consider Installing A Loft

If you have items stored in your shed that are not used on a frequent basis, installing a loft in your shed can help you to free up some much-needed space while still keeping all of your items organized. This is because a loft allows you to make use of vertical space inside your shed which is otherwise wasted. Since accessing the items that are stored in your loft can be a bit more challenging, it is best to store items such as holiday decorations, lumber, or seasonal sporting equipment in this vertical space. Regardless of what you choose to store there, using a loft to free up extra space in your shed will ultimately make organizing your entire shed much easier. 


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